Hand fabricated Clasps

In frustration of never really finding a clasp for my work that seemed cohesive, I took a small silversmithing class while living in the Middle East..my teacher a master who has designed jewelry for some of the wealthiest Sheiks in Doha.  He told stories of rooms built solely for the purpose of holding rows and rows of cufflinks.

Shopping at the Souq while in Doha, Qatar:

I enjoyed the class and have been taking great satisfaction in constructing my own organic style clasps that mimic the curved petals that I love to design in the glass. Each are hand fabricated using mixed metals of sterling silver, copper or brass with a simple hook making them easy to do up. 
While these connectors are worked to be comfortable on your wrist, they are also rough hewn and earthen by design. I like to age them further with a patina so that they might look like they may have been buried somewhere for some time.
My makers mark the raven, is either stamped on the back or stamped on a small dot of sterling as a charm. 

These are highly organic and nature inspired..like the glass beads. They are hand forged of mixed metals.. copper and sterling and pure silver. Easy to do up by yourself and very much at one with the glass beads. ~❀

Below are examples of some of those clasps on my jewelry..while some have sold there are still one or two left til I'm back to work again!  xox


'Of the Heart'


Single strand Kingman Turquoise and floral flame worked glass beads

'Short Stories'



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