We always go back to our roots..

Dad and Mom in the Fabulous '70's

When I began this all, several years ago now..I named my little business 'SweetWater' Designs as a tribute to my beloved Dad who we lost to cancer in 1995.
The year I turned 14 my father did something many people just think about doing. He left a secure 9-5 job and a house he'd built with his own sweat to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a rancher. He packed up his family of 8 and moved us from the lovely Vancouver Island to 2400 acres of pristine land on a remote northern corner of British Columbia. He promised us adventure and crunchy snow...and that's what we got. I never did take to the crunchy snow.
There was an underground stream of crystal clear water that bubbled up out of the earth year round and because of that Dad named his ranch 'SweetWater'. (He was an avid Louis L'Amour reader.)
My father was a constant encouragement to his children and I like to imagine that he continues to watch over and take pride in our accomplishments and adventures. I miss him still.

It's been a few years and a few changes since I first began flame work and I now sell my jewelry designs under my own name at www.deborahjlambson.com however, familial elements are core and you will always see my Sweetwater roots in some shape or form.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful entry Deborah...your memories are always conveyed so vividly.

Deborah Lambson said...

Thank you..I love it when someone takes the time to comment! ♥

Cecelia said...

Such an interesting story! I especially appreciate it, being from Texas and growing up in a cattle raising family. I'm still a big fan of the old western movies, too.
Nice that you thought about your dad in the naming process. My older relatives are all gone, now, and those memories are so important.

Unknown said...

Can't see a cowboy hat without thinking of my granddad. He was a rancher in Colorado after riding the broncs in the rodeo to get his 'seed' money.

LizzyT said...

What a fabulous place to grow up. I lost my dad in 2006 and still miss him. Thank goodness we have our memories.

Milt said...


You do have a descriptive characteristic in nature. I love your blog and hope you can find the time to get back into it. Even though you are challenged at this time you are an inspiration to others. It looks like a lot of us have a little common cowboy in us.

Deborah Lambson said...

I have to leave a small, but most important note here for future readers.
The above post was an entry made that introduced me to a most intriguing man, Milton Lambson..
We fell in love during our online writing and we married in June, 2010

Miltman said...

You are beautiful baby


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