Creativity funks..do we need them?

I guess I think maybe we do..or at least maybe they have some worth.
To recharge and see with fresh eyes can really only be done after somewhat of a break. Either a planned break or simply a lack of ideas break, either way it's a rest from creative flow.

I had a lovely break this past weekend...no pressure now!

(I did buy myself some new glass though...)

An apology to the lovely Sand and Sea Designs ~she makes beautiful things...like this.

Don't you just feel like breaking out the tanning lotion?

She was sweet enough to bestow this award upon me ~a few days ago. :-o

as undeserving as I am of any sort of blog award right now.

Thank you for that Wendy!! ♥


angelinabeadalina said...

Glad you got that weekend (and the new glass, too, of course!) for re-energizing your muse! It always makes me want to melt glass even more...and that does make for some fun torching:)

P.S. I enjoyed your Past Work slide show!

Deborah Lambson said...

Thanks Ange..you're a peach :)


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