Wrist love.

Personally, I love to layer bracelets..I like jangle. I don't know why it never occurred to me to offer this little layer of texture before but they're available now!

Organic leather wrist wraps in distressed grey/brown and at 22" these are long enough to wrap your wrist 3 times or just wear accompanying any pendant.

Buy singly at 18.00 US or for 9 with any other purchase.

Shown with my favorite bracelet

and with new listing..you can find it here

'Jetsam' was created with pieces left over from other work. Still, there is a cohesiveness. Lots of organic brass and sterling silver. A knotted leather loop drawing them to a close. One little square swarovski to bounce the light around. The brass & stone charm comes from the Bazaar in Istanbul. 

Uniquely feminine with lots of colorful energy ~❤︎ 

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