the birth of a Logo

Miss Birdie herself my ♥ grand daughter drew me the raven one day complete with story.

It reads,
 'This green bird is trying to fly. And one day he flew.'

Of course, I loved the raven and the story..and my logo was born.
He's always in my studio.. overseeing all and keeping a close eye on the details of my all good ravens do!

Created by my grand daughter..approved by my grand son. :-)

If you are interested in learning how to do this with your own drawings or any image for that matter, there is a tutorial from Gimp here.

Enjoy your day all ♥ 

Comments said…
Oh, that is very cute! I like the bird saying and the bird.

The beads are really lovely. Great stuff!
Hot Rocks said…
Beautiful beads, lovely colors...and I can see the bird!
So wonderful! Must have been providence that the bird is your mascot and is also in the bead :)
Hot Rocks said…
I tagged you! Please feel free to play or not, you can see the game details on my blog.

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