Making Lemonade..

A Lemonade Award!

That's sweet...okay, maybe not *sweet* but definitely a treat!
Thank you so much Duni, of 'Lovely Purses' ♥

I enjoy checking out a few blogs as I drop entrecards and her blog almost always slows me down.
She is an amazing seamstress artisan who creates these wonderfully imaginative little make-up bags and purses. One of my favorites from her Dawanda shop:

So, I need to pass the award along and nominate up to ten blogs which show great attitude/gratitude.

1. twenty pound tabby
2. angelinabeadalina
4. articulations
5. knit nicole knit
6. todays creative blog

Take a look! Creative amazing blogs worthy of a good read..that puts ME in an attitude of gratitude. :-)


Duni said…
Thank *YOU* so much for showcasing my pouch! Nobody has done that before. You're a star!

Christine said…
Thanks so much for the award. I am heading back to work today - but will definitely showcase when I update my blog. Happy Monday and Happy New Year! XINE
Congrats! And Thanks for passing it along, too!
An attitude of gratitude - I like that!
Thanks! Love your blog and beads.
maicher said…
You these things, I have read twice, for me, this is a relatively rare phenomenon!
handmade jewelry

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