What all well dressed Faeries are wearing this Season..

Tiaras made of flame worked glass beads ...what else??

My mother sewed our clothes when I was growing up. There was little I owned that hadn't been worn by my older sister first (there were 6 of us..so Mom learned frugality). Sometimes I got a special dress or jumper that was custom made just for me...but that's a story for another day. Mom had an old box purse dating back to her youth that she used as a button box. I enjoyed running my hands through the buttons and exploring the colors and shapes and design of each button while Mom worked at the sewing machine. Every so often I would say, 'Look at this one!' and she'd dutifully look and agree that it was very beautiful. I still love buttons..some are like little works of art.
I was reminded of Mom's button box the other day as I watched my grand-daughter sort with great pleasure through all the wonkie beads I have in a bowl. She carefully examined each bead, seeing virtues in each one that I'd discarded as not quite worthy. She claimed that some of the hollow transparents had to be fairy beads and when I took a closer look I saw that of course she was right.
How could I have missed that? ...

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Cynthia said...

I love this picture, the expression on her face is so sweet. Hmm, gotta go make a tiara!


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