the raven

The creative mind behind my raven logo.. 

One afternoon my grand-daughter brought me a drawing she'd made of a beautifully sketched green bird.

Around the bird she had written random words in her own 5 year old sentence structure. She read it out haltingly, using her finger to find each word..

This green bird was trying to fly and one day he flew!! 

 I scanned the image into my computer and made an image brush with it so that I could use it as a logo in my work.

The raven sits ever watchful in my studio and keeps a curious eye on all the details of my work. 

I kind of love that bird.

Enjoy your week everyone.. :-)


Inspiration abounds

We've become very snap happy in this country since the scenery is so rich and the ruins, numerous. We travelled through the ruins at Lakish last week..  These are a few of the photos we returned from Lakish [Lachish] with..

My inspiration folder is becoming stuffed and slightly unorganized.   Surprise surprise.

Somehow these sights internalize in the studio and my palette and lines in the glass are reminiscent of these really beautiful days here in Israel.

A couple of new bracelets this week..still thinking viney brush and sprigs and twigs..:-) I think I always am actually. These two newly created are also of the series 'Of the Earth'

'Stolon' features a hand crafted sterling silver chain and a little hunk of Jasper. 'Undergrowth' was created with warm luminescent amber and neutral sage what I call 'garden' beads and is paired with a strand of Laguna Agate. Little beauties that feel so good on your skin.

Of some interest:
Laguna Agate promotes the perseverance and strength it takes to lead to the development of personal abilities and inner balance. Agates with irregular designs, such as Laguna Agate, can stimulate action and important decision making 
Laguna Agate is the most highly praised banded agate in the world. It is known for its extremely tight banding and vibrant shades of red and scarlet. Laguna Agate is found in an area covering roughly four square miles in a remote mountain range in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.        ~www.crystalvaults.com/

Artisan bracelet, 'Stolon'

Artisan bracelet, 'Undergrowth'

Enjoy your week everyone!

~ 'Stolon' and more can be found at  Gallery 421 in Kelowna, BC. Please do contact them if you're interested in more details.. Susan will be happy to look after you.  ~


Recycling...Glass beads from Olive bottle

The olives in Israel are outstanding! Fat and Tart. Salty and sumptious.

I was surprised to see so many groves in the Negev desert area! Thriving, lush groves.


Israel has become masterful at managing their water.

We do go through our share of olive oil here. The last bottle we emptied was particularly handsome. As I was about to discard, I had to consider what the beads might look like...


I wrapped the scrubbed bottle in a towel and smashed with a good heavy hammer. I got a few great shards. Washed and dried them and set them on my kiln to warm so that they would be easier to melt in the flame without too much shocking.

Turned on my oxygen concentrator and torch and proceeded to make a gather of glass on the bare end of my mandrel.

Pulled a nice fat stringer.. 

and wound some small beads with this very delicous green glass.

It seems to me the COE [Coefficient of Expansion or the rate of expansion] might be 90 or close to it, like pyrex..just because it's so stiff ~ but I make no assumptions.

I made little beads with this pure glass..no decorating or crushed glass added since the COE is unknown to me I don't want to mix the glasses and so take a chance of them cracking later..also..they sort of look like wee olives. Purity.

Kiln annealed as for boro glass.


What to make!


New draw for lampwork and leather bracelet!

I have a newsletter. Yes. A place to drop newsy sorts of things..I plan studio ventures and little artisan how tos, first to view latest work and sale items, and whatever else sounds interesting at the time. 
Sign up [ to the right on the top bar on my Facebook wall ..where it says 'Email signup'] and your name will be put into a draw for the 'agate drop' leather and lampwork bracelet!! 
Of course, if you choose to sign up here on my blog you will be entered into the draw as well. 

This will go until I say stop..probably near the end of the month. Thanks for your support everyone! All the best to each of you in 2014 life adventures :-)

[That's right. I'm Not above bribery..]


Canadian snowboy charm

I will send one of these little glassy snowguys [25-30mm]for your tree or purse charm to the 313th 'Like' on the Deborah JLambson glass page.. ♥♥



on Creativity

Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us. 
To create means to relate. 
The root meaning of the word art is “to fit together”
and we all do this every day. 

Not all of us are painters 
but we are all artists. 
Each time we fit things together we are creating

- whether it is to make a loaf of bread,

a child,

a day.”

~ Corita Kent

El Capitan in California..2011


Announcing a draw for bird bead ♥

I am working on re-stocking my Etsy shop..sort of a last kick at the cat. [where on earth did that saying come from? no harming of cats here.] There is a plethora of articles with hints and tips on running an outstanding shop and one of the hints that has stuck with me is a suggestion to have 100 items in your shop at all times.
So, with those rather large ambitions in mind I am devoting my efforts to just that..lampwork bead sets [argh..not my forte. It requires interest in the same bead for long past my attention span. But I will try.]bead earring pairs, interesting larger beads and the odd sculptural..namely birds, but I have done wee witches in the past and I may re-visit that.

Sometimes my muse needs a reminder of what I have done in the past so I've been browsing old work I have in a  folder of past work  in photobucket. Im in need of some outside opinions and input..

With that in mind I'm offering a draw for a bird like these little guys:


..all you need to do is take a look in the folder and then leave a comment here or on my facebook page telling me which bead or set you'd most like to see re-made. There is also a post on my facebook page with a slightly more recent folder..all comments will count, no worries.

Here again is a link to the past work 
Draw will go until this time next week.. [8.5.2013]

If you are viewing in the slide format each are numbered for identifying. 
Leave me your name and email and you will be entered into the bird bead draw!

Thank you everyone..have yourself a great week!


a design isn't finished until..

I'm a lover of words. I've been collecting quotes since I was in my teens..and that is now a lifetime ago. It seems it some days.
One of current favorite quotes was said by Brenda Laurel who is, among other things, a professor at the California College of the Arts. 

She said, "A design isn't finished until someone is using it."

This just 'fits' in so many ways with my thinking regarding the creation of anything, be it music, drama, novels, poetry, food, clothing, art...and on. Wisps of thought become solid ideas become spoken word become tactile things. To what end if there isn't someone to listen, wear, or in anyway enjoy the created outcome? There needs to be a completed circle of life. 

The journey of this medium that I love, from silica to glass to colored rod form to conjured thought in my head to the flame of my torch to formed bead to more dancing in my head to jewelry to owner and wearer of that piece of jewelry!! is a fascinating and immensely satisfying one to me. 

Made more so by those who love and wear what I conjure up. 

Thank you.



the birth of a Logo

Miss Birdie herself my ♥ grand daughter drew me the raven one day complete with story.

It reads,
 'This green bird is trying to fly. And one day he flew.'

Of course, I loved the raven and the story..and my logo was born.
He's always in my studio.. overseeing all and keeping a close eye on the details of my work...as all good ravens do!

Created by my grand daughter..approved by my grand son. :-)

If you are interested in learning how to do this with your own drawings or any image for that matter, there is a tutorial from Gimp here.

Enjoy your day all ♥ 


Glass from Past Lives..

Of all the technological achievements of civilization, perhaps none so delights the senses as glass. For thousands of years, glass has been used to create jewelry, works of art, and functional objects of great beauty. In the Bible, the value of glass is equated with that of gold and silver, and it was indeed treated by the ancients as a precious substance. The origins of glass are lost in the mists of time, but it most probably was invented by the Egyptians in the 4th millennium B.C. The Roman naturalist Pliny attributes the discovery of glassmaking to the Phoenicians, and the cities of the Levant were famous as centers for the glass trade. The earliest glass was opaque, colored in a variety of rich hues that often imitated gems like lapis and emerald. The Egyptians used it extensively in jewelry and made little distinction between the genuine and the artificial gems. The art of glassblowing and the development of transparent glass both date to the Roman period. From centers like Tyre and Alexandria, glass vessels were exported throughout the empire and as far east as Persia and China. The Romans colored their glass in myriad shades, favoring blue, green and yellow, as well as clear. One of the most fascinating properties of glass is that, through oxidization, it acquires a rich iridescent patina with age.   
- (FJ.7297)....                                       

  Taken from http://www.antiques.com 

Such interesting material is this glass.  We found some here in Israel from just this period that is written about above, one day last week. 

We made a trip to Caesarea to view the ruins there and have lunch..it is undeniably one of the most beautiful places on this earth. But I think ruins always are..

The aquaducts shown below

There was an antiquities shop nearby and I was very excited to see that the owner had several pieces of pottery as well as beads from the Byzantine period. 

That was amazing of course, but the really exciting thing to me was a few broken pieces of pottery and Phoenician glass shards that he had. I bought three broken shards that had once been the lip of a bowl in the 1st century [Roman period] They are soft turquoise with a sheen present in Roman glass that is unlike anything you see in this day, even in dichroic glass. [you need to click on the photos to see proper detail] They have a tiny channel where the glass was rolled over to form the lip which will accomodate stringing material.

I have visions of cutting and sanding and suspending as a focal piece.. The shop owner warned me that this does not behave like 'normal' glass, so we shall see what that means when I try to cut.